Weekend Recap: Spoiler Alert

Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Recap: Spoiler Alert

. Monday, September 10, 2012

That whole Pirates playoff run was a cute idea, but ultimately doomed. Much like San Diego two years ago, a slumping borderline playoff team was run into the bansaw of a Cubs sweep. Pittsburgh is still over .500, and is well-used to waiting another year for playoff baseball. Plenty of practice by now. And now that the NFL has begun, both fan bases can cheerfully ignore baseball results until next April.

Castro!/Rizzo!: Post-"slump," both young guys have raised their averages (to .300 for Rizzo and .280 for Castro) and racked up numbers in garbage time as the year crawls to a slow death. Honestly, it's the only thing left to hope for. They're going to be our core guys for the foreseeable future. so you'd at least hope they can string together some hits with absolutely zero pressure on.

Samardzija: The complete game on Saturday was significant not only in cementing Samardzija as our #1 going into next year, but in demonstrating his stamina down the stretch. Remember, this is a guy sitting at 174 innings on a thin pitching staff whose previous high was 88 mostly-useless innings a year ago. When guys like Strasburg are getting shut down on contending teams, that's not a little thing.

VitJack Watch: Watching our rookies, Brett Jackson lost a fight with a PNC Park fence on Friday. That was it for him. Josh Vitters, on the other hand, is still rocking a .132 OBP. The fence for him is Major League pitching.

Oh, right, is LaHair still around?: Yes. He went 1-2 in two pinch-hit appearances. I'm currently re-writing "Candle in the Wind" to memorialize his April-May run of dominance. It'll move you to yawns.