Weekend Recap: One out of Four

Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap: One out of Four

. Monday, August 20, 2012

As Friday's post attests, I spent half of last week in Boston, where the terrifying existential crisis of a reactionary fan base was cloaked in different colors for once. It was bizarre, flipping on the local channel and seeing Red/Sox Yankees presented without the breathless masturbatory fury of ESPN's soft-focus coverage.

As such, I caught up on the Cubs mostly through highlights, gamecast, and box scores. It was not terribly encouraging. Travis Wood got blowed up real good one start after I was starting to feel faith in him again. Jeff Samardzija had a career best game at giving up home runs. The Cubs cannot hit Johnny Cueto to save their lives. To top it all off, we closed the series by watching Shawn Camp give up a walkoff sac fly in the most efficient way possible.

But I'm back in Chicago, and today's another opportunity. Against the Brewers. F those guys.

Line Items

-  The lineup for the second game on Saturday was absolutely brutal.

1. Valbuena 2. Mather 3. Rizzo 4. Castro 5. LaHair 6. Clevenger 7. Jackson 8. Cardenas 9. Raley

Of course that would be the game we managed to win. The universe did not take kindly to my smart-ass Tweets.

- Brett Jackson hit the first homer of his big league career during Saturday's nightcap. It's not embeddable, because we scuzzy bloggers have been deemed undeserving by MLB, but for those of you willing to make an extra click, here you are.

- The word over the weekend from Kaplan, Twitter, and the elder god Nyarlathotep was a huge extension for Castro - 7 years, $60M, with a $16M club option for an eighth year. Nothing official, nothing announced, but nothing like the shitstorm that followed the Dempster rumormongering. This could be great for the Cubs and for Castro, who has been one of the few reasons to watch the team over the past couple years.

- Your Jackson/Vitters "How bad can it get?" tracker.

JaKKson: .191/.255/.340, 4BB, 24K

Vitters: .091/.088/.121

The answer? BAD. I am rooting for both these gentlemen. But they make it difficult.