WAI ... Boston Hotel Room: Bobbleheads and other Miscellany

Friday, August 17, 2012

WAI ... Boston Hotel Room: Bobbleheads and other Miscellany

. Friday, August 17, 2012

Not Boston.

Apologies for the lack of a recap. I'm writing this in the early AM from a hotel in Boston - a grey-clouded baseball town that makes even the 2012 Cubs situation look like sunshine and rainbows. So lobster-bloated, I write you an early morning missive for the enjoyment of all and the distraction of me.

- First up, the latest development in my habitual bobblehead addiction. Take a look at these, and try to figure out what player each represents:

I don't trust the one on the right. He knows something we don't.

The one on the left is clearly Castro - Smokies gear, toothy smile, and a good representation in general, despite the existence of a wonky eye which doesn't really have a parallel in real life. The one on the right? If I'm not me and I'm guessing for real, I'd think Soriano. But no - Starlin Castro again. His first bobblehead in the big-league uni after starring last year in minor league form (along with Soto, Tyler Colvin, and Andrew Cashner - cool idea, questionable selection). Just goes to show how much representation can vary from year to year. My Fukudome from 2008 looks way more Native American than you'd expect for a Japanese outfielder. It's kind of why I like collecting these despite no real use for them. Except the 2010 series. Fuck those. Fuck them in the face.

- Pulled this gem off of the official Cubs site earlier tonight.

Shit, that's depressing. 2012 Cubs Pitching: Pirate Molester and a Bunch of Spare Parts!

- Dave Kaplan says that the buzz is the Cubs and Castro are going to come to an extension by the end of the year. FUCK and YES. I need a third bobblehead that looks even LESS like him.

- Fresh off my excitement about Soler, it turns out that he's not starting what should be his home debut. There are whispers of a minor thumb injury. I blame myself, and also Crane Kenney.
- Fresh off the Rogers piece that made its way around the Twitterverse to rare approval, I'd like to point out that WAIW has been hating on that weasely-looking bastard since before it was cool.

- Doubleheader tomorrow. Send us an e-mail and we'll swing by for suicide watch if things go pear-shaped early on.