Brewers 3 - Cubs 1: Well, Now You're Just Screwing With Us

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brewers 3 - Cubs 1: Well, Now You're Just Screwing With Us

. Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Pay no attention to the scoreboard ... that's right, over here."

Lazy Recap: Darwin Barney survived the most pathetic run of play I've seen all season to set the single-season NL record for errorless games. The result? Eighth loss in a row to the damn Brewers.

Slightly Longer Recap:  Jeff Samardzija pitched a pretty solid game, overcoming a bad start to strike out 10 over 7 innings. Unfortunately, he had the Cubs offense behind him.

Damned if You Do: Early in the game, Cubs hitters were aggressive at the plate, which resulted in a low pitch count for Mike Fiers and plenty of frustrating early-count pop outs. Late in the game, the Cubs started being more patient, and took looking Ks for their trouble. Someone needs to take this offense to live with a nice family upstate.

Benny Hill-Style: The play that almost cost Barney his semi-meaningful record started with a crappy throw to second to try and nail a stealing Jean Segura. Barney wasn't covering terribly well, so Segura goes to third. Barney attempts to throw him out and Luis Valbuena is struck temporarily blind, waving his glove at the ball like a latter-day Helen Keller with more modest athletic abilities. Official scoring originally charged an error on the catcher and one on Barney. I honestly thought I'd seen the streak die, but apparently even that would be too meaningful to witness.

Today: One more shot against Milwaukee and the just-returned Shawn Marcum. If we lose, we get to end 2012 on NINE straight losses to a Brewers team that's had one hell of a disappointing year. What does that make our year? (The answer is the f-word screamed at top volume)