Weekend Recap: Where Did THIS Come From?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap: Where Did THIS Come From?

. Monday, July 16, 2012

 The Cubs gaze, largely unfamiliar with the sign's message.

Weird fact I heard whilst watching the Cubs and listening to Len and Bob do their thing yesterday - Since June 25, the Cubs have the best record (12-4) in baseball. Sixteen-game sample size or not, I think that's bananas. Clearly the magic, big-hitting, diabetes-curing aura of Anthony Rizzo has raised the level of the entire organization. I half-expect the french fries at concessions to suck less the next time I go to Wrigley - because Rizzo.

Watching the Cubs win three in a row is really fun. I wouldn't mind it happening more often.

Line Items

- Ryan Dempster has 33 scoreless innings. Thirty-fucking-three in a ROW. He leads Major League starters with a 1.86 ERA. This is the same guy so reviled for his lack of closing skills in 2007 that he inspired an entire fallout map. I cannot imagine he's here for another start. I actually hope he does get traded ASAP. You don't get a much better exit from the Cubs than he'd have.

- How can I surprise you even above and beyond telling you that the Cubs have won four straight and 12 out of 16? I can tell you that during this 3-game sweep of the Diamondbacks, Starlin Castro went 1-12. He's down to .284. I greatly hope he snaps out of it soon.

- Four hour delay for Friday's game, thanks to a gigantic storm that left the concourses under water. That could not have been fun for the inevitable collection of families making their annual trip to Wrigley. I feel like there should be free beer and dogs after three hours for those intrepid souls still in attendance..

- Soriano's current run of hitting shows two things: 1) How much potential he still has, and why we get so frustrated with his play sometimes. 2) Just how untradeable his contract is, as there's more talk of trading Darwin Barney.

- The Cubs are still 28th in runs and 29th in OBP. You'd imagine there are some angry Diamondbacks fans this morning.

- Nah, just kidding. No such thing.

- Reed Johnson is a fucking superhero. He made a slamming catch against the ivy on Saturday when it looked very much like Marmol was going to do his regrettable thing. Of course, that didn't end up in the MLB.com highlights, because The Man doesn't want you to know about The Legend of Reed Johnson.

- I'm glad Matt Garza finally put on a good show for the scouts that keep coming to watch him give up 5 runs.

- Marlins this week, and my wife is away on business. PREPARE FOR ANGRY TWEETS!