Weekend Recap: 23-1 (Agg.)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Recap: 23-1 (Agg.)

. Monday, July 23, 2012

Five times over the weekend, if you were wondering

All last week, the local papers were talking about the impressive run the Cubs were on since just prior to the All Star Break. Anthony Rizzo's "positivity" was credited, as were starting pitching and reverse voodoo. Either way, the Cubs were pitching and hitting well, and everyone was taking notice. Cue the pratfall.

Of all the ugly pitching collapses during WAIW's tenure, the Saturday Russell/Corpas shitshow was pretty high in the rankings. But honestly, they could have given up 1 run and it wouldn't have been enough, because the Cubs didn't hit all weekend. As you've probably heard on the radio, there's a 25 inning scoreless streak to think about, and that ugly 0-13 RISP.

Line Items

- Ugly as the game ended up being, the way the Cubs entered it was pretty sweet. No one did it quite as well as Santo, which seems fitting.

- Vicki Santo's getting raves for her poised, moving performance Sunday. I see that she elected not to step up, say "Vets Committee is a bag of dicks!" and drop the mic. This is why I'm not invited to these things.

- Rafael Dolis was demoted again, after an unimpressive weekend. I'd say he's running out of chances, but I'd be fooling myself about the pitching depth in the minors.

- Next year Sosa's HOF eligible. I'm not especially looking forward to that debate.

- Tim McCarver got an award for broadcasting on Sunday. I guess they just set that bar super low.

- Cardinals lead the season series 7-4 now. I honestly thought it'd be worse. You won't even have to wait until payday to see if we can rebound against them - Garza's starting on Friday if his healed triceps is to be believed.