Progress Tracker: June Swoonin'

Friday, July 6, 2012

Progress Tracker: June Swoonin'

. Friday, July 6, 2012

So obviously, we're just getting to this after returning from vacation to our hot, disgusting Chicago streets. Apologies for the couple days of July jelly that are getting into your June peanut butter. But you know what that means? More RIZZO! Isn't that the only thing people seem to be paying attention to? RIZZO! He's the Gabbo of Addison and Clark.

May 2012 Team Stats

Record 10-17 (28-49 overall, 15 games back through June 30)
6-5 at Wrigley (HUZZAH!)
4-12 elsewheres
3-2 vs. NL Central (VICTORY!)
98 runs scored
123 runs surrendered

Offense through June-ish
Runs scored - 301 (29th in MLB)
Average - .245 (21st)
OBP - .300 (28th)
Slugging - .382 (23rd)

Pitching through May
ERA - 4.41 (25th)
Quality Starts - 42 (17th)
WHIP - 1.37 (25th)
Avg. Against - .252 (14th)

Everything. Got. Worse. Every fuckadiddily category you can imagine saw the Cubs either stay firm or fall, excepting the number of Rizzos in the lineup. The free-fall didn't keep us from matching May's 10-17 record, so ... yay?

Certainly Samardzija getting crap-smacked the whole month didn't help the pitching stats. His ERA for the month was over 10, his WHIP over 2.00, and the strikeout rate fell by nearly two thirds.

It could be (slightly) worse - Randy Wells needed 148 pitches to get him through 6 2/3 innings. In two consecutive starts combined. He will likely not be back, as we already have a Volstad waiting in the minors.

The offense sucked, but the offense always sucks.

LaHair Fever Tracker - May

The big picture's starting to come together. Baker instead of LaHair against lefties, despite the fact that Jeff Baker in the lineup makes Cubs fans die a little inside every time. How did June go for our special little guy?

Bryan LaHair, June 2012 - .231/.286/.400, 22H, 5HR, 8RBI
Kosuke Fukdome, June 2008 - .264/.387/.402, 23H, 3HR, 13 RBI 

Bryan LaHair, through June 2012 -.289/.369/.529, 65H, 12HR, 30 RBI
Kosuke Fukudome, through June 2008 - .296/.404/.430, 84H, 6HR, 34 RBI  

Five home runs. Eight fucking RBI. I hate this offense. I'm a lot more worried about the super-low OBP. Taking it all in, I'm afraid we'll have to do further testing for Theriot Syndrome. I don't mean to alarm you, but science has not yet found a cure for Theriot Syndrome. It's still early, but if LaHair starts trying to steal third against Yadier Molina this month and trips over his own feet, we may well have to live with this horrible disease.

Want to know what else is depressing? LaHair's horrific month was still good enough to put him in position to take over the batting average team lead from Starlin Castro, who is hitting .105 in this fine month of July. 

They're both going to the All-Star Game. So there's that.

WAIW MVPs for June

Offense - Alfonso Soriano: 98 AB, 28H, 17R, 8HR, 18RBI, .286/.369/.582, .951 OPS

Soriano clearly decided over the last couple months that he wasn't going to be blamed for the Titanic-like sinking of the 2012 Cubs offense. Fair enough, Sori. Actually raised his OPS over the May numbers that people were getting all aflutter over. 

Pitching - Travis Wood: 2-2, 5GS, 31.2 IP, 24K, 12BB, 1.200 WHIP, 8ER, 2.27 ERA

Congratulations to Travis Wood on winning "Best Surprise Pitcher We'll Be Mad at Next Month When He Comes Back to Earth." We're still haggling with the trophy store on the engraving price for that one. Bastards.