Marlins 9 - Cubs 5: The Travis Wood Explosion

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Marlins 9 - Cubs 5: The Travis Wood Explosion

. Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Once again, upon exiting Wrigley Field, I was forced to utter "fucking Carlos Lee." He's hit 39 homers against the Cubs in his career (146 games), and I'm fairly certain I've balefully gazed at them all, warm Old Style frozen between holder and agape mouth. But this might be the first back-breaking grand slam I've seen from the bastard. Gotta give it to him, the man's an excellent Cubs-puncher. His OPS+ is 118 when he plays the Cubs, and if I were a more industrious gent, I'd find out for sure that it's even higher at Wrigley. Good thing we have that cushion on the Astros. Otherwise, it'd just be embarrassing.

Speaking of embarrassing, those were a couple super-awkward innings for Travis Wood. It amounted to basically 8 runs in 2 innings, though he went 4 2/3. The stat line's always jacked up when you have an inning that includes a grand slam (from Carlos fucking Lee, might I remind you), but his ERA's still under four. Small miracles.

Elsewhere, the bullpen got some serious garbage time work, with Dolis, Ascencio, and Maine all getting time on the hill. Dolis managed to give up two hits but not walk anybody, Ascencio walked two, gave up a hit, and added to the margin, and Maine looked similarly unimpressive without allowing the Marlins to reach double digits.

If you're a fan of garbage time rallies, last night was dynamite. Really, nothing says "garbage time" like a Jeff Baker solo shot. I caught last night's festivities with the namesake creative force behind Bullpen Brian. We both thrilled to high-adrenaline Cubs plays like "J. Mather reached on E5 (Ground Ball); Soto scores," and watched a David DeJesus little league popup, two Rizzo double plays ("It bleeds! We can kill it!"), and some vintage 2012 Geovany Soto hitting kill a handful of meaningful chances. Ah well. At least we got to see the long-awaited return of Chad Gaudin.

The crowd last night was announced at ~34,000, which was probably fair enough. What the raw numbers don't tell you is that late in the blowout, the RF and CF bleachers spent a good amount of time impotently trying to get The Wave going. I don't usually go in for this kind of thing, but after seeing that, I'm convinced once and for all that RIGHT FIELD SUCKS! RIGHT FIELD SUCKS! RIGHT FIELD SUCKS! Some points were recovered later for a lusty booing of Ozzie Guillen and general bemusement at the presence of Jim Belushi for the first pitch and the Stretch.

He knows we're not in first place right?