Cubs 5 - Marlins 1 (7 1/3 inn.): Rain-Assisted Win

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cubs 5 - Marlins 1 (7 1/3 inn.): Rain-Assisted Win

. Thursday, July 19, 2012

Grounds crew interns wanted: Must be able to run in wet khakis

With a storm looming and Will Ferrell doing that whole Will Ferrell thing just a few yards away, Jeff Samadzija had himself a bona fide Rich Harden night, throwing 97 pitches through five and striking out 9 Marlins. After a horrific June powered largely by a diminished K rate, it's good to see Samardzija focus on missing bats and succeed. The only thing it cost him was the win, which is a pretty meaningless stat anyhow. I'm far more impressed that he got out of the first unscathed after a leadoff triple from Emilio Bonifacio. James Russell picked up the win by pitching the top of the 6th - the last full inning before the whole show was called off. Samardzija gave up his only run on a homer to Jose Reyes.

Starlin Castro single hit on the night was a solo homer in the bottom of the 4th to tie the game. I'd love to show that to you, but MLB won't let me embed it here. Or Samardizja's 9 Ks. Or anything but Darwin Barney's tag on Bonifacio. So please enjoy Darwin Barney tagging out Emilio Bonifacio. They have some weird fucking ideas over there.


We give Jeff Baker a lot of shit around here, but he's been killing it this series. His 3-run double in the 7th put the Cubs up big with the best of timing. One out into the next half-inning the rain came, and 1:17 later (condolences to you poor bastards who waited it out), it was done and the Cubs had taken it in decidedly non-dramatic fashion. I'll still take it.

Today is Buerhle and Maholm. And possibly rain again.