Cubs 2 - Pirates 0: Bitchin' Pitchin' (With Dempster Update)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cubs 2 - Pirates 0: Bitchin' Pitchin' (With Dempster Update)

. Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Molestache powers ... ACTIVATE!"
Cubs won last night - Sori and Samardzija carried the entire game. Good? Good. Clearly there are other issues at hand.
So judging by page count and Twitter, you fuckers really want to talk about Ryan Dempster. That sounds good to me too. Clearly, we're not real journalists around here - hence the cursing and occasional earth-salting when talking about individual players. But we, just like everyone else, giddily followed the reporting on the Dempster/Delgado trade talks yesterday. Hell, I used by lunch break to offer my marginal opinion on the matter over cole slaw and pulled pork. Serious fucking business.

Then ... nothing.

I can understand players getting upset at learning of their uprooting via social media. That's an entirely new kick in the ass that didn't exist just a couple years ago. But to act surprised and, as I read it, offended by the entire saga with an all-caps Tweet? Damn, man, have you not picked up a paper, turned on the radio, or walked past a muted TV in the past three months? 
A trade to a contender - one that benefits the Cubs more than we had any right to expect - and the option to sign one last sweetheart deal ANYWHERE after October sounds like a pretty great set of circumstances for a 36 year old pitcher. There are plenty of major league pitchers who are giving advice in short-A and rookie ball by their 36th birthday. But no, Dempster had to go throw ice water on everyone's enthusiasm. I understand where he comes from, but hopefully he's reasoned it out and decided to ... and I say this delicately ... not fuck a team in rebuilding mode. Detroit's already made a pitching trade in the interim. Los Angeles won't give up anything nearly as good as Delgado for Dempster, thought they might for Garza. It makes us nervous.

So stay tuned, kids. We'll be there throughout the day. Both here and through @utchicago on Twitter.