Cubs 14 - Pirates 4: TRADE BLOCK MADNESS

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cubs 14 - Pirates 4: TRADE BLOCK MADNESS

. Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The classic "Vaya con dios" double high five

Last night was a bloodbath on two fronts - Pittsburgh shit-kicking and Cubs roster attrition. During the game, Reed Johnson and Geo Soto both got traded and yanked from the action. Paul Maholm joined them out the door, with the total return being some decent upside pitching prospects that should add depth to the system. Maholm and Johnson are going to the Braves, because they're not a couple of ginger shitsacks, and Soto's skinny goatee and tiny OBP are heading to the Rangers. I like Reed Johnson a lot. I liked Soto, despite his struggles. Paul Maholm was pitching like a madman over the past two months. But it's good to see Theo and Jed playing for the future.

As it happens, the Cubs also played the fuck out of the present. I was in attendance last night, and somewhere around the 6th inning marveled at the fact that I couldn't remember the last time I'd been in attendance at a curb-stomping of the visiting team. It was a nice throwback to 2008. I was slightly disappointed in the first inning when Castro's long drive came up just short of the fence. I was slightly more disappointed when the Pirates grabbed the lead in the 4th due to the efforts of Mike McKenry, who resembles a man-centaur. From there, everything was awesome.

Darwin Barney's go-ahead homer in the 4th was so explosive that I'm fairly certain he's on something. It landed way the hell up in the bleachers, and looking at the game report, was apparently hit two feet further than Rizzo's three-run bomb an inning later. But it's not 1998, so nothing really mattered but the runs. And what a 5th inning it was, a 9-run beauty of the sort I'm always jealous of when I see it on the out of town scoreboard. And all wrapped up neatly with a Starlin Castro homer. Not a bad evening at the ballpark.