Tigers 8 - Cubs 4: One Really Bad Inning

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tigers 8 - Cubs 4: One Really Bad Inning

. Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top of the 6th in a nutshell

When you largely shut down Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder, you'd imagine there's a pretty good chance that you can beat the Tigers. The X factor, we learned last night, is not letting Jhonny Peralta hit the fuck out of the ball all night. Doing so is bad, as we learned well.

It's a shame it had to go out like that, because Garza was cruising before the top of the 6th. Then Joe Mather decides to go all Pele on a Cabrera grounder and the floodgates opened. Single. Double. Bunt single. Suddenly we're losing 5-4, and placing our faith in the offense and bullpen.

After Manny Corpas gave up a homer to Brennan Boesch, Sveum brought in Jario Ascencio to stop the bleeding at 6-4. The one fatal flaw in this tactic was that Jario Ascencio blows. Only a super-questionable call at home on Quintin Berry got us out of the inning at 8-4, where it stood at the end of 9. And thus did we look for solace in our cans of Schlitz.

Today we've got Justin Verlander vs. Travis Wood. You understand now why I'm super bummed that we weren't able to hang on yesterday. Seems like the series is going to slip away, unless the new hitting coach is also a wizard.