My Betting Life - A Quest For a Six Pack

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Betting Life - A Quest For a Six Pack

. Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This sad sack used to be somebody

I make awful sports bets. The financial stakes are low - a craft beer six pack - but the emotional strains are ruthless. Not only did your team lose, but you have opened up yourself to continuing ridicule from your peers until the next bet takes place. Win that bet, balance shifts. Lose that bet and you continue to be at the bottom of Shit Mountain, where there is always a mudslide. I have been at base camp for some time.

There are two primary drivers for this. First, I bet with my heart instead of using any logic that exists in what others would consider the universe. This also results in me accepting more or less any bet that involves my teams. If I am going to talk shit about your team, I need to put the hops where the mouth is, as it were. Of course, I always believe my team has a chance to win, or else life would be miserable, especially when you factor in the second driver. The second issue is the teams that I have chosen to follow. Combine the Cubs with my Purdue Boilermakers and the Bears, it has been a long time since something hasn't gone wrong, whether it be injuries (Hummel, Forte, Cutler) or critical mistakes (The Fumble - any Purdue will do - or Gonzalez letting that routine ball go through his legs) that have prevented the teams I care the most about from going to the next level.

My first Cubs bet if the year is with a Sox fan concerning the season series, which I can only hope for a tie now if the Cubs somehow sweep the Sox. The hopes aren't high, but you ever know. They are both Chicago teams so know how to lose. This week, following the Cubs being swept by the Giants and losing 11 road games in row, I told my co-worker - a big Brewers fan - that I was glad we would be able to right the ship over the next couple if days. Of course this brazen statement was in jest - we have found every possible way to lose this season - but he asked if a wager was warranted and I naturally accepted.

When betting a series, the first game is critical, as now we just need one of the next twoto win the bet. It has been been very rare that the Cubs have given me a game one win in a betting series. But they did last night, and have given me hope that I will climb up the mountain somewhat and let some of the shit pass on its way down.

WAIW's white whale

So here I am, watching the Cubs vs. Brewers (Cubs just left three on, sigh) hoping to earn that elusive six pack. Take the series and try to continue to build some positives. Because remember, the beer always tastes better when your not covered in shit.