Cubs Media Monday: RadBall!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cubs Media Monday: RadBall!

. Monday, June 11, 2012

The 1990s - Magical Wild Card year aside - weren't a great time for the Cubs. But people still remember the era fondly enough if we're grading on a curve of 1984 to Sam Zell/Jim Henry years. Case in point, the 1993 Cubs. Fourth in the NL East, completely undistinguished, finishing behind the Cards, Expos, and the Phillies team that would lose to Toronto in the Series and bring great shame to our people. It's a roster full of mildly regocnizable journeyman types - .186-hitting Candy Maldonado, pre-roid Sammy Sosa, and hilariously named Paul Assenmacher. Take a step back in the WGN time machine and behold their glory.

0:02 - GRAPHICS!

 0:23 - I know this is bizarre, but I miss the old lettering on the road grey jerseys. It was a) a lot more awesome and b) the jersey of Henry Rowengartner.

0:29 - I'd make fun of the excitement at being 3 games over .500, but I'd straight up murder a drifter for that kind of slightly above average play from the team at present.

0:39 - HOLY CRAP the Marlins uniforms were 90s. They honestly look like their uniforms were done in some Nintendo 64 Create-a-Team mode.

0:54 - Ever wonder what happened to all the old brick walls left over when the 80s comedy boom burst? Viola.

1:00 - Going for a sweep in St. Louis. Oh for those days.

1:12 - Mike Morgan. Business in front, party in back.

1:36 - Derrick May with the Dunston throw!

1:56 - "He will ... unLOAD ... for a homer." Awesome announcing.

2:00 - I'll pause here to point out that the old Cards stadium looked like complete shit.

2:23 - MARK GRACE! He's the reason that it hurts to see Jeff Baker starting a game at first.

That was fun. So much teal and purple.