Cubs Media Monday: Bad Jingle Heaven

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cubs Media Monday: Bad Jingle Heaven

. Monday, June 4, 2012

Of all the Cubs videos that we bring you month after month, I'd have to say that my favorite ones are the old WGN promos. While the advent of CSN and the CW affiliation has led to less round-the-clock Cubs promotion on the old war horse, the team and the station remain intricately linked through decades of history. If you think I'm waxing sentimental, then listen to this glorious, glorious jingle from the year of my birth.

That was fun, wasn't it? I'll eschew my usual Zapruder-like second-by-second analysis for more general observations:

- At any point, I expected someone to insert the phrase "wake up with Folgers!" It's the coffee commercial soundingest thing I've ever heard that wasn't actually selling coffee.

- Billy Williams had the best sideburns of all time. I will brook no disagreement with that fact.

- "Hey, here's an old Cubs Win Pennant headline! No, you don't want to look at the date."

- I hate the fucking Cardinals, but they really do need to bring back the old road blue jerseys. As do we, for that matter. Why have all the awesome 80s jerseys ceased to exist? I would trade away the walking Cub in a heartbeat for the old v-necks. I imagine some evil Cards fan version of me would say the same thing about the old road blues.

- Gary Matthews Senior: Excitable slider.