Cubs 5 - Mets 3: Rizzo Wins Rizzo Day ..... RIZZO!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cubs 5 - Mets 3: Rizzo Wins Rizzo Day ..... RIZZO!

. Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You know what the Tribune photo wire didn't have for Anthony Rizzo Day? One single picture of Anthony Rizzo. Enjoy Steve the Cleve instead.

The only really interesting roster move anticipated in 2012 (sorry, Ian Stewart ... wait, I'm not) happened last night with the introduction of Anthony Rizzo to a Wrigley crowd desperate for something to do but yell the F-word at Adrian Cardenas. We proclaimed it Anthony Rizzo Day, and we probably weren't even the 19th marginal blog to do so. Anthony Rizzo Day did not disappoint. Especially not Randy Wells, who got out of a press conference full of apologies for a WCIU shot of Rizzo taking a pie to the face.

Let's get this straight off the bat and get past the unpleasantness - Randy Wells is dunzo. Forever and ever. As a starter at least.

Update: I wrote this last night. Wellsy got DFA'd since. We recalled Dolis. Which ... fine? I guess?

As much Cubs failure I've watched this year, it was nice to watch a really feel-good game. One that isn't just about the win, but that makes you feel better (slightly) about the way things are going.  And it was also pleasant to watch Mets fielding fall on its ass for the second straight game. In my mind, John Olerud was watching the game from the Standing Room Only section and weeping a single tear. It also helped us that part-time major league umpire Manny Gonzalez likely blew his last call at the MLB level on Steve Clevenger's pickoff. That was .... bad. Super bad. Enjoy the Dominican Winter League, bud.

Today we go for the sweep! Samardzija v. Niese. Let's try to walk fewer pitchers than yesterday.