Cubs 2 - Sox 1: Cubs Take Celluar Phone Baseball Park Series

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cubs 2 - Sox 1: Cubs Take Celluar Phone Baseball Park Series

. Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sportswriters will go ahead and call his anything but "hustle" or "grit." Wonder why.

 Last night, the Chicago Cubs beat the Dusty Baker-led White Sox and Jake Peavy's stellar 1,295 pitch outing. And he hero of the day was David DeJesus, who usually only gets on base when rage-plunked or facing a Neal Cotts type pitcher. Odd scene all around, and in the mix we managed to win a series against the White Sox. I don't obsess about the "rivalry" like when I was young - yesterday's reactionary post notwithstanding - but it's still fun to grab the series early on. Judging by the Twitters, last night served to get everyone's hopes up for a possible sweep and a chance at the Flaming Oil Rig Chalice. Stranger things have happened, but not often with Randy Wells on the hill. Let's just enjoy taking at least a share of bragging rights and leave it there for today.

In the fifth inning, Starlin Castro did this.

So let's remember that the next time idiots want to talk about benching him. Ryan Theriot, ten times out of ten, dives at it and manages to smack it past Campana. Eleven runs score. It's pandemonium. Starlin Castro is ridiculously talented, and sometimes ridiculously lucky. It takes both - especially when the rest of the night included taking only 8 pitches in 4 at-bats. He's one lucky #13. And that was an awful attempt at closing this paragraph.

Robin Ventura is going to murder his pitchers this year, by all indications. We at WAIW will be taking up a collection to send a series of toothpicks and sweatbands to the South Side.