Cubs 10 - Brewers 0: Dempster!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cubs 10 - Brewers 0: Dempster!

. Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Says 3-5 with a run in the box score. Weird that I can't look up numbers for "grit" or "hustle." Perhaps because those are not things.

 Dempster needed some run support to finally get his first win. We gave him four more runs than we managed for the entire San Francisco series. And it came on a day when we batted David DeJesus third in the order. I could not have envisioned that turning out well. 

The weird thing about it is that aside from Castro's 3 hits and LaHair's 2, no one was really hitting all that well. David DeJesus went 0-2, but scored 3 times by walking Milwaukee pitching to death. A lot of the driving offensive force was Castro. He singled himself on base for Soriano's first-inning 3-run homer, advanced Campana to 3rd for the 5th inning run, and started the massive rally in the 8th with a double to center. This is exactly why you keep him hitting second in the order.

But hey, he made a mental mistake against the Giants, so let's bench him like a pissed-off little league coach. Getting a 200-hit player at shortstop is incredible. In the past decade, we've had to trot out Ryan Theriot, Ronny Cedeno, Neifi Perez, Ramon Martinez, and the Gonzalez Whose Name We Shall Not Intone. We sucked hard at that position, to put it lightly. All the while, we were waiting for a natural hitter we could build around. Put down the Tom Emaski video and chill the hell out. You don't trade him. You don't bench him. You play him, and then beat the fuck out of that team from Milwaukee with the obnoxious fans in Ed Hardy shirts. He's 22. He'll develop.

Also, please enjoy last night's pasting, because today we face Zach Greinke pitching at home with Paul Maholm. Could be a 20-run swing if we're not careful.