Weekend Recap: Surprise!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Recap: Surprise!

. Monday, May 7, 2012

"Everyone stay back. I just wanna ... I wanna look at this awhile."

The Cubs were looking down the barrel of a long, tough weekend. Storms in Chicago, the hottest hitter in baseball in the other dugout, and a Maholm/Volstad/Wood trio of pitchers that doesn't necessarily inspire a ton of confidence. Cut to last night, and I'm grilling sausages and listening to the Cubs take two out of three from the best team in the NL on a tense, extra-innings walkoff. It's like it was 2008 all over again. I swear to you, I didn't even think the words "Milton Bradley" for a solid hour and a half.

Of course we had our typical Volstadding, but most everyone else managed to have a solid weekend. New closer Rafael Dolis managed to pick up a save on Friday and Sunday's win, and James Russell somehow has a 0.87 ERA so far. Things look, if not good, at least better. Bryan LaHair went 4/10, and continues to maintain that .400+ OBP. I think he'll make a good outfielder is all I'm saying. And Castro got a hit every game, which I note because not a whole lot of Cubs hit everything. Or, you know, anything.

The only bittersweet part is that Marmol wasn't trusted enough to see a meaningful inning all weekend, and a just-unwrapped Kerry Wood was throwing the same kind of desperate pitches we saw on Opening Day. That's several million dollars sitting around, not contributing. And two guys who were, at one point or another, widely beloved. Somehow I just don't see myself embracing Lendy Castillo with such fervor, but I guess we'll see.

Line Items

- I seems like there was something fun happening that I was trying to remem... PUB CRAWL WEEK! WOOOOOO! Look forward to a week of giddily anticipatory posts on the matter.

- An 11-inning game wasn't even noteworthy Sunday. A 17-inning game, with a DH pitching two innings for the win? Now that is mad nifty.

- On a related note, I know things are tough at Addison and Clark this year, but I'm really glad that we're not going through what Red Sox fans are right now.

-  I was on the Ivy Envy podcast over the weekend, and that crew does one hell of a job every week. They entertained my theories about Marmol angering the ancient Incan gods, and also let me yammer about the Pub Crawl for awhile. Listen to the episode here.

- Travis Wood holding it down against the Dodgers kind of came from nowhere. Down in Iowa, he won one game out of five and was getting smacked around to a 5+ ERA. Literally everyone but Volstad seems to be able to start a game well. It also helps when Matt Kemp isn't in the lineup. A lot.

- Travis Wood takes a ball off the leg Sunday, and Jerry Hairston leaves the game. The man's a human voodoo doll.

- Matt Garza's got the flu, which means we're all the way back to Samardzija. Also, Garza should breathe on Volstad's sandwich.

- The flu business led the team to put Blake DeWitt on waivers so that we could bring Wood up. No one claimed him. Womp womp.