Weekend Recap: Are You Booing or Saying 'Boo-Urns'?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap: Are You Booing or Saying 'Boo-Urns'?

. Monday, May 21, 2012

Yeah, that's about how it went all weekend

Ever watch The Karate Kid and hope that instead of finding his inner strength and fighting back, Daniel-san would instead have just rolled over and let Cobra Kai kick the holy shit out of him? Boy was this the weekend for you? The South Side William Zabkas took all three games from the Cubs for the first time at Wrigley since 1999. We are a long way from the season sweep of 2007. Depending on how things go at Strip Mall Park, we may very well see the pendulum swing the other way. Remember when I told you on Friday that you had to choose a side in the City Series and stick with it, for good or ill? This is the ill. This is very, very ill.

 WAIW owes you a couple Old Styles

 As we posted following the Friday morning Twittersplosion, Kerry Wood retired following one final swinging K on Dayan Viciedo. He left the mound and the game forever, and half the gentlemen of my generation of Cubs fans got that Brian's Song feeling. And, as it turned out, the final pitch for one of the most beloved Cubs players of the last two decades was the high point of the entire weekend series. Even with everyone's eyes on him, Woody had to know that you can only write so much of your own story. He still had to pitch, and it'd been a rough year on that front. The fact that he was able to scrape together one final perfect moment was incredible.

As bittersweet as Wood's near-perfect curtain call was, the rest of the weekend was like chugging Drano. Remember that mini-run of good baseball and great fan sentiment? That lasted about as long as Pogs. It's now six losses in a row, and 9 of the last 12. We're 28th in the Major Leagues in runs, 25th in OBP, and 23rd in slugging. Wasting good pitching? Only if you're talking about some of the starting pitching. 15-26. Eesh.

This week, we're looking at Houston and Pittsburgh. Either we're going to start turning it around a bit, or we're going to find out exactly how bad things are. But hey! Our calls to Free Travis Wood were heeded by management, giving us a measure of clout unsuggested by the page count numbers. So Garza tonight, no Volstad tomorrow, and a chance to pick up some wins and maybe see Rizzo soon. Apparently the optimism hasn't been completely beaten out of me.

Go Cubs Go! (please)