WAIW Pub Crawl 2012: The Live Blogging Recap

Monday, May 14, 2012

WAIW Pub Crawl 2012: The Live Blogging Recap

. Monday, May 14, 2012

 Good lord, you people are insane. That was the greatest Pub Crawl in the history of drinking in several places sequentially. Though we managed to get the one day of shitty weather in what's looking to be a solid week, clearly no one was paying attention to the sky by the 5th inning. We hosted a great number of you, the readers, as well as representatives of Ivy Envy and Thunder Matt's Saloon. And lo did we drink a great many beers at a great many places. The day began with a gigantic Lucky's sandwich, and ended with a similarly large Philly cheese steak at the place across from my apartment. We at WAIW live the life. TO THE LIVE-BLOG! After-comments in italics:

And so the documentation of destroying ones body begins.

 We shall be getting to crawling as soon as sandwichly possible.

This is my favorite new saying, meaning "As soon as I can finish a sandwich and then get to whatever the hell you're talking about."

The Cure playing on the juke at Lucky's. Great drinking music. If you have a Morrisey shirt on.
Blarney closed. Such is life.
Leadoff double!
The stretch manager good guy, good bar, free shirts

Either Steve means "shots" - which the manager of the now WAIW-endorsed Stretch gave us in spades - or he owes me a free t-shirt.

Merkles. Beware the boner


"Yeah, I'll have a fishbowl of bong water. Also, please end my life."

Batting contest at 1:36 PM

We always disagree on the results of the batting contest. Except for this year. I sucked. Hence the constipated "I'm conceding" look. 


How ironic, dugout open; captain Morgan closed

Bananas. The Dugout, a bar that we love, was stricken from the Crawl for being habitually closed. The Captain Morgan Club is supposed to be open every day. UP IS DOWN. HAMBURGERS EAT PEOPLE!

Trough! .

This is the second post of the young baseball season that has featured me taking a picture of a urinal trough. I think I might have a problem.

Malott .

I know that I meant Malort, and I recall that the piece of paper is some sort of letter bestowed upon Murphy's by the Carl Jeppson Company. To the left is Rich from Thunder Matt's Saloon. To the right is ... another gentleman.

Fun sequential item: We are pictured here right after taking a shot of Jeppson's Malort. From here, we had to run over to Bernie's. In between, I may or may not have karate-kicked Jake from Thunder Matt's Saloon in the stomach. 



That's Corey from Ivy Envy sporting an Anthony Rizzo shirt. I didn't actually know that they'd started selling those, but it makes a whole lot of sense.

. Saturday, May 12, 2012

 The live blogging ends with karaoke. It always ends with karaoke.


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I still don't feel recovered.