Vintage Wrigley Moments - the WAIW Take

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vintage Wrigley Moments - the WAIW Take

. Thursday, May 17, 2012

This morning, the Redeye put up an amazing gallery of shots of Wrigley throughout the years. It's absolutely incredible, and we encourage all four of you to click on this link and view the entire thing. For us, the following shots really demanded our attention.

 To Cubs fans of my generation, Ernie Banks is always pictured as a gracefully aging Cubs legend. It's kind of freaky, in fact, to see him look so young. And wear a hat from our Cincinnati Reds Hat era

Fans that day had to purchase two tickets. One to the game, and one to the GUN SHOW.

Harry Caray, rocking the John Ritter shorts like a champion.

Check out even more legendary captions photos after the jump

"No more drunken frat kids leaving in wheelchairs. Huzzah!"

Former Cubs pitcher Don Cardwell moments after winning the All City Unibrow Championship

Sure, it's neat to see. But it's missing a Blake DeWitt banner.

"Hey kid, why don't you run down to the corner and get 'ol Hank a sixer?"

George Halas, captured in a rare moment of ecstatic joy.

"One day, they'll be naming half the mediocre burgers in the neighborhood after this!"

Walter Jacobson, laying down the charm.

I'd say comedy has evolved since then, but ... Kevin James movies.

Check out the Ricketts sign in the back. I know it's not related, but FREAKY!

"And the gentlemen in the straw hats protested outside of the Wrigley building, loudly intoning the phrase 'KEEP IT WEEGHMAN!"