Cubs vs. Sox: The City Series

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cubs vs. Sox: The City Series

. Friday, May 18, 2012

Can one of you Etsy people needlepoint this one for me?

In the past, we at WAIW have gotten ourselves rather worked up over the Cubs/Sox series. While I'm not nearly as fire-and-brimstone as I used to be, I still believe that a man (or woman) must choose. Being a Cubs fan or a Sox fan is the only thing that separates you from the asshole who come out of the woodwork every year, asking you "Hey, does Zambrano still play for the Cubs?" or "How do you think Frank Thomas is gonna do against them?" Away with your "I'm a Chicago fan," or "I'm just a fan of baseball." That is some hippie bullshit, and you can go protest NATO if you're gonna be like that and enjoy Chicago's Finest during a politically tense mob situation. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Make your stand, people. You used to only have to do it twice a year. Now that there's only one weekend series - which is just incredibly stupid - you really only have to rally yourself against your dickish co-workers and family members once. Be brave. Stay steadfast. It'll be fine.

Line Items

- I'm already uncomfortable with how we've been forced to backslide somewhat on the anti-Samardzija sentiment around here. This latest interview by the man quoted on ESPN is killing me in how brilliant it is. It's literally Guillen-level trolling. On the White Sox broadcasts:

“There’s a lot of them, man,” Samardzija said. “I always liked the ones where he didn’t talk for like an inning and a half. Then all of a sudden he’d be like, ‘The 2-2, two outs …’ It’s like, well, where were the other 15 pitches that happened that inning? “That was when (Darrin Jackson) was (on TV) too. I loved watching those guys. They’re entertaining. I always liked his ‘Hose’ call. That was my favorite. They’re fun to watch, fun to listen to. Like I said, you can always get a good nap in during the Sox game.”

You son of a bitch.

We're this close to apologizing for being so crappy to you over the years. I like how we address him as though he reads the blog.

- Are you a Cubs fan on Facebook? Have fun when your entire timeline is choked with anti-Cubs rhetoric for the weekend from your Sox fan ... acquaintances. It's a weird beast being a White Sox fan. You have to follow your team, but you also have to follow the Cubs obsessively, so that you can pull off that aggrieved stepchild act required of all Sox fans.

- Speaking of people being contentious and shitty, we'll not be addressing the Super-PAC fiasco that kersploded my Twitter feed yesterday. Not gonna do it. Plenty of very good Cubs bloggers will, though. So read them.

- One thing I love unconditionally despite its commercial roots? The New Era video series featuring Ron Swanson and Darryl Philbin (yes, I know they're not actually the characters in real life) slinging shit at each other for a couple minutes.

Chicago vs. Chicago, Round I

Chicago vs. Chicago, Round II

If those hats didn't make my giant head look even bigger, I'd totally buy a hat in support. WE DEMAND MORE FITTED SLOUCH CAPS!

- No matter how serious things seem this weekend, and how shitty you might be tempted to act toward a fellow Chicagoan because of a hat or shirt, remember the wise words of my boss, when asked his opinion on the City Series.

"Is that this weekend?" 

Enjoy the games.