Cubs Media Monday: Wood on the 20K Game

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cubs Media Monday: Wood on the 20K Game

. Monday, May 21, 2012

We're definitely going to be preoccupied with Kerry Wood this week at WAIW, so be prepared for a more sepia-filtered tone than usual. It helps that this video is FANTASTIC. It's Woody getting interviewed about the 20 strikeout game by one of the guys who was holding a K sign in the Bleachers. Join us, won't you?

0:09 - I'd never heard that he felt off his game that day.

0:28 - Never thrown 9 innings? It's easy to forget he went from high school pitcher to Rookie of the Year so quickly.

0:34 - People forget that the Cubs were doing anything but cruising that day. Kerry could have legitimately taken the L with 16-17 strikeouts that day. Classic Cubs! Shane Reynolds took the loss for the Astros that day, and pitched 8 innings of 8 hit, 2 run ball. Most days, that's a gem.

0:51 - The fist pump was for finishing the game? I can dig that. You don't want to leave the result of your best game ever to Rod Beck's trucker stache, though '98 would have been the year to do it.

1:07 - "Went back to my condo downtown." Hey, I have a condo in the city too! Kerry Wood's a real Chicagoan, a ...

1:12 - Okay, maybe not. Hilarious choice of celebratory dinner, though. Was there not an Applebee's within walking distance? THIS IS A STEAKHOUSE TOWN, MAN!

1:18 - The takeaway lesson is quickly becoming that Kerry Wood has excellent teeth. I bet he could bite through steel.

1:23 - I bet he's bumped into way more than 20 K Guys. The attendance was 15,758, and we all know how well the Cubs can pad those "paid attendance" numbers. Certainly if my own personal experience is to be believed, the crowd was made up of 5% People I've Met.

1:31 - "I'm not ready to start another career yet." DAGGER TO THE HEART

1:42 - Obviously his main goal is to win a championship. He's kind enough not to say "but I'm on the Cubs, sooooo..."

2:34 - "This is as good a year as any" is my favorite fucking thing any Cubs player has ever said. I'm going to try and work that into all my Cubs conversations in the obnoxious, oblivious manner of an NPR subscriber with a new Word of the Day calendar.

Thanks for joining us.