Cubs 6 - Cardinals 4: NO MORE BUNTING

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cubs 6 - Cardinals 4: NO MORE BUNTING

. Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looking the wrong way, Molina

Hey, we can finally stop blaming the rest of the team for Dempster's lack of wins. Television tells me it's been 15 starts since his last one, which ... wow. I guess if he's waiting to break the streak with the White Sox, that's fine with me. He was spotted 4 last night, but a Voldstadian sixth inning meant DOOM. DOOOOOOOOM, I SAY! No matter. We beat the hated Cardinals. The so very, very hated Cardinals. That's a sweet night, no matter how it happens.

It did not happen because of skillful bunting. Or even good managerial calls about when to bunt. Starlin Castro managed to make an art form out of shitty bunting, blooping into a double play at third and first. Just bananas. Somehow, Soriano managed to save the day after Castro's mistake at the plate. Read that sentence again. Still doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? One inning later, with the game still up for grabs, Joe Mather did his very best to bunt into six outs at once, saved only by the inept throwing arm of David Freese.

Dolis earned his fourth save, presumably while turning to the dugout during his 2K, 9 pitch inning and saying "What's so hard about this, Carlos?" A nice bounceback from the million-inning Milwaukee game where he gave up 2 walks and 2 runs. WHIP is down to 1.07, which is awesome.

Also, Bryan LaHair continues his Hulk Smash act, going 3-4 with a 2-run homer and a walk. He's now reached base in 31 straight games. The man must be stopped before he destroys us all. Oh, and Shawn Camp appears to be the Mark Remlinger of this team. I hope he remembers how thankful we are when his arm falls off.

This afternoon we get to see (hear? GameTrack?) Paul Maholm go for five wins in a row. He hasn't lost a start since ... the last Cardinals series. (OMINOUS NOISE)