Weekend Recap: Waiting on Rizzo, Wins

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap: Waiting on Rizzo, Wins

. Monday, April 23, 2012

Yeah,we feel that way too

We're still waiting on that series win, but the real story of the weekend is Marlon Byrd's trade to the Red Sox, which spares me from countless mystified Twitter updates about his Ronnie Cedeno-esque batting line. We're getting a DFA'd reliever and sending over a pile of cash, because ... baseball. Even better, the front office made it exceptionally clear that they're not going to be rushing any prospects to the big league team to fill the void. Instead we get Tony Campana, which excites me about as much as Estelle Getty in a gimp outfit. 

Management apparently thinks that Brett Jackson's not quite ready. For what, exactly, I'm not certain. I feel nearly 100 percent sure that he could probably strike out, pop up, and lose about as well as the current collection of Cubs. What's the worst case scenario, 0-5 and two defensive errors? We already pay $18M per year for that.

I will point out that our AAA club plays in the Pacific Coast League, which is well-known as a bandbox for any hitter with a modicum of talent. Performance here in no way indicates performance at the major level. You know who else impressed in the PCL? Micah Hoffpauir, Jake Fox, and Felix Pie. Castro never even played a game in Iowa.

Then again, how does the bottom drop out from what we've currently got going on? I had to watch Phil Humber throw the 21st perfect game in major league history, then turn on the Cubs the next day and watch my favorite player - the only one I really like watching consistently - get blasted in the arm by Johnny fucking Cueto during yet another loss. Nice triple off Shawn Marshall later on, though. No one was worried about bringing him up too early.

Line Items

- Remember, the Cubs don't want to rush Brett Jackson. Who is 18 months older than Starlin Castro. In the meantime, enjoy Tony Campana's .306 slugging percentage. And remember, if the wind really starts whipping up, weight him down with a rock. Jed Hoyer is sick of walking up and down Waveland looking for him every time a low pressure system blows into town.

- The Castro offseason incident that I really didn't want to get into on our fair blog? Nothing's going to come of that, apparently. It's not so much a celebratory moment as an icky thing I'm glad we're done with. Nothing good comes from patronizing River North clubs.

- How long before Steve Clevenger's performance makes Sveum consider him as the everyday catcher? That sixth inning by Soto was ... just super ugly. Two sac bunts, two horrbile throws. And Soto's not helping himself at the plate in the least - .174 OBP. Clevenger's also hitting over .400 better than Geo, which I'm sure we can count on holding up for the entire season.

- Michael Bowden, who we essentially paid $5.9 million to trade for, has a 5.61 ERA in 39 relief appearances. Don't we already have a pen completely full of guys like this? What a weird trade.

- You know how Soriano sucks in the field and mostly plays like a shadow of his former self? And you know how at least we can count on some power from him from time to time? He's got no home runs. And no extra base hits of any kind. If it wasn't so unwieldly, we'd push for his new nickname to be Expensive 1997 Brian McRae.

- Cardinals coming up. After Garza, we have human-again Samardzija and Chris Volstad. So if you're just picking one game to watch, Garcia/Garza tonight seems like your best bet.