Weekend Recap: Opposite Weekend

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Recap: Opposite Weekend

. Monday, April 9, 2012

Been practicing the Jedi ball all spring, forgot to practice the 4-seam

Madness reigns. Jeff Samardzija goes 8 2/3 and wins. Kerry Wood fails spectacularly. These are not your slightly older cousin's Cubs. But through the hysteria and tears of realizing that our long-reviled ND product may be a mainstay of the 2012 rotation, we managed to get our first win. And that feels awesome.

Which isn't to say Saturday wasn't one mean bitch bastard of a second consecutive bullpen collapse. To say that I'm legitimately terrified of Wood and Marmol's prospects for the year is to underestimate my penchant for supreme overstatement. Wood's bad Saturday lowered his ERA from 40.50 to 27.00. Where his WHIP should be on Baseball Reference is just a sad face emoticon. There are only 159 games to right the ship! This is what happens when you get 5 innings of total work in spring.

"I told you already, I don't have any actual candy."

But you know what's even more surprising than the struggles of a 35 year old pitcher with a history of arm problems and next to zero spring practice? Jeff Samardzija pitching with competence. Apparently, he's a Samson-like figure who gets his super powers from molesty facial hair. He very nearly drove his brown windowless van to a complete game, denied only by a Dunston-esque Starlin Castro fielding error and an ill-advised fastball to Adam LaRoche. Yes, Washington is truly a shitty lineup, but 8 2/3 is great news when you've started breaking into flop sweat at the sight of the bullpen in action.

Line Items

- That Castro throwing error at the end of Sunday's game was unfortunate, but his earlier snag of a short fly, running all the way behind Ian Stewart, was super impressive. He's a lot of fun to watch play, and he's already got 4 stolen bases.

- Shawn Camp? Professional forgettable white guy pitcher. Managed to throw the terrible pitching of Wood and Marmol into sharp contrast Watch him become our closer when we trade Marmol mid-season. FUTURESCIENCE!

- I am not digging the two attempts to steal third base in close games. That's an out most of the time, especially with our roster. With this lineup, it's not a great idea to throw around outs.

- Aramis Ramirez returns to Wrigley as a member of the Brewers tonight. That sucks for me. Not so much for Steve, who already sorta hated him anyway.

- If you're of a mind, your WAIW crew will be in attendance at Rockit Wrigley tonight for the game, alongside the esteemed LOHO crew. Come get some free tickets.