Two-Day Recap: First Series Win, Volstad Still Volstading

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two-Day Recap: First Series Win, Volstad Still Volstading

. Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Yes, my trash-bird army. Go. Killllllllllllll."

 Not a bad way to kick of a new week of baseball. Getting our first series win against the hated Cardinals almost makes waiting so. damn. long. worthwhile. It's also a pretty clear message that when we manage to take more than a game from someone, it's going to be due to the pitching. Save for some clutch late-inning stuff in the series, there certainly wasn't an embarrassment of offense. The pitching's the thing, which is going to make it doubly hard when we trade Garza mid-season and end up with more of the Volstad show than is recommended by the Surgeon General.

You're all welcome for that second game, by the way. I put Samardzija on the bench this week in favor of beloved ex-Cub Theodore Roosevelt Lilly. As such, that cracker from Notre Dame managed to strike out 9 over 6 2/3 innings of baseball that I will begrudgingly call "pretty good." Now watch me put him back in so that I can take the full brunt of him being lit the fuck up by Philly.

Remember the cavalcade of bitching about Anthony Rizzo from your WAIW crew? Turns out Bryan LaHair is, so far, one of the few parts of the offense that I don't want to let go play with a dry cleaning bag. Not that impressive early numbers are a surefire indicator of anything - COUGHCOUGHFUKUDOMECOUGH - but he's on base at a .463 clip and he leads our offense in RBIs. You know, for what that's worth. If he keeps on contributing, I'll quiet the Rizzo shouting until the second week of June.

Hey, that's the same face we make when you do that!

You know who has struggled early on, though? Chris Volstad. Once I saw the Twitterverse talking about how they couldn't believe how well he was doing through 5, I knew he was doomed. Turns out it was just another Chris Volstad outing, folks. Four runs over six innings followed by handing things off to this bullpen isn't going to set up a lot of wins for us. He's only 25, so there's clearly room to improve, but he's off even his Marlins numbers, and that is not a great pace to aspire to.

Four games versus Philly this week. Watch if only for the sight of Vance Worley and his clear Oakley glasses channeling the ghost of Eric Gagne. Paul Maholm faces Roy Halladay tonight, which is a mismatch so hilarious that Theo's already sold the movie development rights just in case Paul ends up pulling it off.