I've Seen This Before

Friday, April 6, 2012

I've Seen This Before

. Friday, April 6, 2012

Management quickly cleans up in hopes of convincing MLB officials game hasn't been played yet

It kinda sucks paying to go see a game that I saw so many times last year.  A new season is supposed to move on from last year's finale, not simply recap.  As such, we will spare you any sort of recap and present pros and cons from Opening Day.


- While freezing for John's brother-in-law (Florida blood), the weather was about as good as one can expect for an Opening Day.  No rain (or even snow), which has plagued games before.

- The new scoreboard looks pretty sharp.  In game statistics are something that was missing and this solution doesn't feel obtrusive.  It also allowed us to discuss the pitch count after every pitch (Strasburg inexplicably was averaging less than 10 pitches an inning for a majority of the game; more on that in the Cons).

- Dempster has a slow start buy pitched exceptionally.  He out-pitched a potential perennial Cy Young winner (unfortunately got charged with the tying run).  I didn't think he deserved the ball going into the game, but he proved me wrong.

- Beer prices did not increase from prior year.  Can't remember the last time that happened.


- Another game blown by the bullpen.  Debate started on whether Wood deserves his role.  Conclusion was we want him in the clubhouse as a leader, but don't think he can be our set-up guy anymore.  Just doesn't have it.

- Did not work the counts at all.  Way too many first pitch swings, which kept Strasburg's pitch count absurdly low.  When you are playing another team's ace, you need to get them out as fast as possible.

- Questionable as to why Sveum didn't warm anyone up while Wood was clearly struggling to get his 1 out.  It took him close to 30 pitches to achieve this feat (thanks new scoreboard!  you allow me to criticize much more effectively now!).


- The piss incident (I started to include here, but got too long and decided it needed its own post - check back later!).  Teaser!!

- Doesn't this guy from the Nationals kinda look like Zangief?