Hooray for Metaphors!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hooray for Metaphors!

. Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I have, in the past, written extensively about my beloved 1908 logo Cubs hat. It's sometimes the blogging equivalent of "let's play dodgeball, teacher's got a wicked hangover," as I readily admit. But now we've hot an honest-to-blog metaphor.

See those hats in the above picture? I bought the one on the left in April of 2007, prior to that magical Cubs season. It's the one I've written about, played softball in, nearly lost in a pizza place, and so forth. The ripped bill happened naturally, not as a result of my being possessed by the spirit of a dead Aeropostale model. This is the natural aging process of a Cubs fan's favorite hat. And just look at the fucking thing. It's not really even blue anymore. It's got frighteningly geological sweat striations born of at both Wrigley and Pulaski Park. With the recent purchase of the one on the right, it's officially retired to a place of honor in my Lincoln Square home, along with my threadbare Parks Department t-shirt and those jeans I got too fat to wear.

Point being, this is what happened to the hat following five-ish years with a Cubs fan. Imagine what my soul must look like after more than 28 years of the same.

Probably looks like Mark Prior's rotator cuff.


Anonymous said...

thats a 1914 logo not 1908.