Get Your 2012 WAIW Pub Crawl Shirt

Friday, April 27, 2012

Get Your 2012 WAIW Pub Crawl Shirt

. Friday, April 27, 2012

A shirt that you'll be proud to wear to any neighborhood tavern. Or 12 of them in one day.

I'll bet you wondered what was with the choir of angels booming from the heavens this morning. No, dear readers, it's not the End Times, it's the long-awaited announcement of the official Wasting Away in Wrigleyville Pub Crawl shirt for 2012. 

Created by your esteemed WAIW editors and professional design ninja Lori Schoenwetter, this dapper, pillow-soft shirt is printed on 100 percent cotton American Apparel tees. We hear this is something that the kids enjoy. It features the names of the drinking establishments featured on the Crawl's 9 official innings, as well as Lucky's Sandwich Co., where we meet each year to lay the base for 9 innings of drinking, some post-game Gingerman additional drinking, and perhaps even some delicious pies at D'Agostino's.

Order yours for a mere $13 today, and we'll bring the shirt to the Crawl just for you. No shipping costs passed on to our beloved readers. We're gentlemen like that. Find your exact fit right here.

In order to complete this glorious transaction, we're going to need you to order by May 1. Don't be the only one there in an inferior, individualistic shirt. Join the group. Give in to peer pressure. It'll be the best decision we ever make for you.


Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan said...

Is it a soft tee? I'm not wearing it if its not a soft tee. It won't go well with my Angels cap with a straight bill.