Cubs Media Monday: So 90s, so Rad!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cubs Media Monday: So 90s, so Rad!

. Monday, April 9, 2012

Today's video is the greatest thing since eating gushers out of your fanny pack while rollerblading to the Kriss Kross concert. Observe the WGN game opening from an indeterminate year in the 90s.

0:01 - A VHS tape scroll start, concluded by a Canadian team that dosen't exist anymore? Be still, my heart.

0:04 - Either early computer graphics or the combined work of 100 underpaid Korean animators. Pure gold regardless. WATCH OUT! THAT 3D BASEBALL ISN'T TAKING PRISONERS!

0:07 - A shot of Harold Ramis's stunt double enjoying the game with a young child sitting on his lap. Nothing to see here ...

0:10 - The point where I realize that none of the players have names or numbers on their jerseys. "Come see ... umm ... baseball!"

0:14 - The kid with the "WGN - We Love" sign proves once and for all that yes, if you keep making that face, it will stay that way.

0:19 - The umpire's dating service video was an odd choice to use.

0:30 - That old WGN 9 logo was the boss.

0:34 - The old Bud Lite logo is awesome, despite the fact that it tastes like trailer park water.

0:47 - Someone went to Columbia College's film school. The bats. The closeup. The True Value logo. Pure poetry.

0:51 - "Yeah, I don't give a shit. Just shoot that tree and stop asking me questions."

0:58 - I think there was also an episode of Sliders where they jumped out of the portal and saw a Canadian flag flying over Wrigley. Chilling.

1:06 - Do the advertisers who won't pony up extra get the tree shot for their logo?

1:18 - Nissan was the official car of the early 90s Cubs? I'd have thought it was an exploding Ford Pinto, or one of those Eastern Bloc cars with a max speed of 39.

Thanks for joining us for another year of the best mundane stuff we can find. Join us next week when WGN's production crew majestically contrasts a shot of a seagull eating trash with Glenallen Hill's career stats.