Cubs 11 - Pirates 6: TRIUMPH!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cubs 11 - Pirates 6: TRIUMPH!

. Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Cubs beat the Pirates - kicked the shit out of them, in fact - and Alfonso Soriano dominated the game with his bat. Remember when that used to be a scenario that didn't surprise us? It was the best Throwback Night promotion I could imagine for 2011.

As usually happens when we murder a team - a rarity to be sure - the big players threw up some gaudy-ass stats. Castro led off with three hits and a walk. A-Ram knocked 4 RBIs in. And perhaps best of all, homers were to be had in bunches, from Soto, Byrd, Soriano (2!!!), Ramirez, and Colvin. That's right, Colvin. In his first start back from Siberian exile, Colvin went 3-5 with an absolute BOMB of a homer that found the river as surely as a hillbilly family looking for their annual bath.

The win last night gave us the second 3-game winning streak of the year. One in the next two will finally give us a series win over the Pirates, who are admittedly flailing since getting fucked on that call against the Braves. Let's see it happen. Go Cubs Go.