Weekend Recap: FINALLY!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Recap: FINALLY!

. Monday, July 25, 2011

The lip readers I consulted tell me he's saying "KABLAMMO!"

Ten tries. TEN.

It might have taken nine more than necessary, as well as the worst team in the majors, but dammit, the Cubs are finally winners of three in a row. Feels good.

Each of the three games was a bit closer than we'd like (the rare Cubs ass-kicking of an opponent always feels good), but they all had their moments. I caught Friday's game on the radio whilst working at home, and it was certainly worth the time. Soriano finally hit one out of the park in a month other than April at the expense of Bud Norris, who is the most Astros-sounding Astros player I've ever heard of. Samardzija, Grabow, and Marmol - a trio of nail-biting pitchers if there ever was one - managed two innings of holds for Marshall to close out Friday dominantly for his third save.

Saturday was viewed through a patina of German beer, so the details are a bit hazier. I do, however, recall Fukudome's amazing triple, followed by Castro's ugly infield single. That started a rally that made a 2-1 nailbiter into a 5-1 lead and eventual win.

Then there was Sunday. Glorious Sunday. As it turns out, the secret to finally putting 3 games together is getting a member of WAIW to the game. At least it worked in this particular instance. Well, that, some timely hitting, and Matt Garza smoking mofos.

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Holy shit, how good does Matt Garza look lately? He may not end the year with super-impressive W-L numbers (4-7, to be precise), but he was mowing down Astros. Subtract that mistake to Barmes in the first and a few of the free passes, and we might have been looking at a complete game. Of course that didn't happen. He didn't even get the win, due to the intervention of a certain hated reliever.

I speak, as always, of this man:

Yep, still sucks.

Man owes Matt Garza a nice dinner at Lawry's. Did you see my post from yesterday afternoon in section 231? Totally called it. Sure, you can qualify it with the fact that it was his third day pitching in a row, or inform me that his 1.365 WHIP is head and shoulders above what he's done every other year. But that distracts from the fact that yesterday's BB/HR/K/BB was classic Cotts/Howry/Ohman territory. Just as hating Jeff Samardzija is classic WAIW.

Yet fear not! For we managed to tie the game on two singles and a wacky-ass RBI by Soriano. And then, in the 10th, we were delivered unto victory by the timely intervention of Marlon Byrd's bat and a bad gaffe by WAIW favorite Hunter "Fancy Boy" Pence. What looked like an impressively hit line-out turned into a no-outs triple. If I were to put my expert spin on things, it would look like this:


Two intentional walks and one Jeff Baker pinch hit single to LF later, the wife and I were singing "Go Cubs Go" for the first time in a looooong time. The free tickets series against the Brewers is coming up, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being worried about Dempster, Z, and Wells going against that lineup. But for now, keep the W flag up an extra day and remember that sweet, sweet feeling of a winning streak. Take it from me - that feeling can be fleeting.