Weekend Recap: Baseball's Back, and We Still Suck

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap: Baseball's Back, and We Still Suck

. Monday, July 18, 2011

0-4 with runners with scoring position. No hits for Soto, Soriano, or Barney. Marmol booed off the field and replaced with Sean Marshall. Zero earned runs scored against Ricky fucking Nolasco.

And that was the game we managed to win.

After a thrilling All Star Game, with its possible preview of next year's new Cub first baseman, we got a 4-day reminder of just how little that World Series advantage the NL won matters. Despite the joy of having Cubs baseball and Marlon Byrd back, the second half of the year began no better than we left things before we limped into the All Star Break.

In unusually lucky fashion, however, half of your intrepid WAIW crew (me, namely) managed to be at the park for the lone series win, while the other half (Steve) was across the street on a rooftop. And what a day for baseball Friday was - clear and just shy of godawful hot. Additionally, the sad state of Cubs performance, it's no longer necessary to camp out at 10am to get good bleacher seats for an afternoon game.

This is how I found myself in the front row of the left-center bleachers, with my friend Rich shit-talking Mike Cameron with skillfulness. Cameron played along well, and joined the WAIW pantheon of Opposing Team Outfielders We Respect For Their Ability to Laugh At Themselves. We need a better name for this pantheon.

Today won't get any easier, with the Phillies coming to town. I'd say it'll get far easier after that - Astros and all - but who fucking knows when we'll win a series. Let's just enjoy the ride. And the cheap tickets.


KD said...

I'll be sitting in the bleachers on Wed. I was originally excited to be escaping the 110 degree heat index here in STL, but I hear it's hot in Chi-town too...combined w/lake effect breezes and you have a couple horrible hair days for yours truly. Awesome.