Phils 9 - Cubs 1: Yeah, That's About How It's Been

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Phils 9 - Cubs 1: Yeah, That's About How It's Been

. Thursday, July 21, 2011

Remember a couple days ago, when I predicted that after a great-looking surprise win to open the series, we'd manage to play down to our 2011 level and lose the series? Yeah, that happened. Not that I'm great at prediction or anything - I'm fairly certain my 1 year old godson sensed blood in the water when Marshall started the pitching machine routine on Tuesday. Oh well. There's a division foe for us to disappoint against on the near horizon, and a Sunday trip to Wrigley for this WAIW writer.

I'd like to point out that after his masterful start last Friday, Dempster absolutely exploded against the Phils. This bodes well for Garza on Sunday, who looked amazing against the Phillies (should have WON, FUCKING DAMMIT) and will likely lose to 0-5 Jordan Lyles on Sunday. I'm half-considering picking up Lyles for my fantasy team.

Reader KD was in town for both the 99 degree heat and the suckass display of baseball. Likely, she spent the 2nd-9th innings pining for the skillful performance and organizational stability of the Kansas City Royals.


KD said...

I think I blacked out somehwere around the 5th inning. DAYUM it was hot! I was sitting in the front row of the right center bleachers. If you moved for a second and sat down again, you got 3rd degree blisters on your rear end. It was fun yelling out at Marlon Byrd though-he kept turning around and laughing at us. I was also a safe distance from Carlos Pena so he didn't have to activate that restraining order.....again.

I gotta say, the water hoses Wrigley had rigged up to keep us cool was awesomely white trash...and much appreciated.

I left in the 7th when I started getting dizzy and nauseated. Still, even though it was 1,000 degrees and the Cubs lost 9-1, I loved every second of it. I have some sort of birth defect that causes me to love the Cubs. Forever.


KD said...

PS...the Cubs are 0-3 in games I've attended this season. Awesome.