Cubs 6 - Phillies 1: Huh ... No Shit?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cubs 6 - Phillies 1: Huh ... No Shit?

. Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Really not used to seeing a jubilant Rodrigo Lopez. Eerie.

No matter how hard the Phillies tried, they couldn't solve Rodrigo Lopez. And I'm sure that very sentence is appearing in all caps on some Philly blog somewhere. Hell, I'd be mad too. They're officially the Cubs fans for the morning.

Of all the unexpected wins of the 2011 year (which, depending on how you see things, is either not very many or fucking ALL of them), this was perhaps the least likely. They threw Roy Halladay, who at 34 is making me start to think he's part robot, leading the NL in innings pitched while maintaining a 1.045 WHIP and 2.57 ERA. We threw Rodrigo Lopez, who at 35 makes me marvel at the length of such a mediocre career. Guy's 5 years removed from leading the AL in losses and one removed from leading the NL in both losses and home runs allowed. And he was throwing in Wrigley. Against Ryan Howard and the Phils. I guess some days, everything goes your way. Fans of other teams had told me this in the past, but being a Cubs fan, I never really believed them.

We gave Halladay his first loss since May. If only all the opposing pitchers could pitch under heatstrokey conditions. I jest - he's fine, according to the team, and will likely be back whipping ass soon enough. And credit where credit's due, the Utley/Howard/Ibanez row went 0-for on the evening. No matter what Lopez's overall career looks like, that's a dominant night against a pennant contender.

We've got two tries to actually win an important series. Can we do it? I imagine not, but clearly I can be surprised.