Weekend Recap: Royal Ass-Kicking

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Recap: Royal Ass-Kicking

. Monday, June 27, 2011

Freeze tag didn't turn out well either

Add another name to the list of teams that the Cubs are worse than. I'm sort of wondering what exactly there is to say about the flaming train wreck we've become. No hitting. When we hit, there's no one in the bullpen to hang on to the lead. We won the first game of a series, and then dropped the next two. Again. Shit happens, though it's pretty depressing to pick up this pattern before the All-Star break. Did you know we still haven't won three games in a row? Eeeeeesh. Elsewhere:

- Wednesday is D'Agostino's day at Wrigley. It's weird to have a day honoring a stadium vendor, but WAIW's love for Dags pizza is well-documented. Not only that, it's also koozie day at the ballpark. A Cubs koozie? Never heard of the concept.

- Marlon Byrd is going to start rehabbing with a funky-ass mask on his batting helmet. It will be nice to have him back from the face-breaker he took in Boston.

- Andrew Cashner might (MIGHT) start rehabbing a second time soon after he hit a brick wall the first time through. I'm not real confident we'll see him before September, if at all this year.

- Woody's also starting to throw again after that blister put him on the DL. Someone get that man some shea butter.

- Kosuke is getting on base at a .390 rate. Reed Johnson's got a .398 OBP in a bit less than half the at-bats. I'm fine with that.


KD said...

I was at both the Sat and Sun games in KC. Here's what I took from the experience-Kauffman is a super cool ballpark, KC is a fun city, the Cubs suck and....there's good beer in KC.

That sums it up.

John said...

I've always wanted to catch a game at Kaufman. I've heard nothing but cool things.

KD said...

If you get a chance to go to the K, you should. It's beautiful! And...who doesn't like fountains? :)