Cubs-Giants Doubleheader: Rocked Twice

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cubs-Giants Doubleheader: Rocked Twice

. Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So that doubleheader? Not so great. Despite scoring 10, the Cubs gave up 19. That will happen when you throw Doug Davis, John Grabow, and Rodrigo Lopez out there. It was an exceptionally ugly way to burn through the bullpen.

But at the very least, we got a front row seat to one of the most abysmal pitching performances in recent memory - which is indeed saying something.

Doug Davis - 4.1 IP, 99 pit., 12H, 10R, 10ER

Ugly, ugly, ugly. But it's also sort of what I expected when we signed a guy who couldn't do much better last year with Milwaukee. Are you missing Jason Marquis yet?

That's not to say that Rodrigo Lopez did much better - when you're throwing 96 pitches in less than 5 innings, you're likely not walking out with the W. Poor pitching has bitten the team in the ass all year. Yesterday's starts got bad early on. From there's it's just about how many runs John Grabow is going to give up (the answer was 3).

Oh well. Today's got Dempster/Lincecum going for D'Agostino's Day. Let's hope the Cubs can keep a guy on the mound longer, and that Dempster doesn't have one of THOSE innings.