Cubs 6 - Sox 3: Cubs Win First Crosstown Game, Awaken Hungover Bloggers

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cubs 6 - Sox 3: Cubs Win First Crosstown Game, Awaken Hungover Bloggers

. Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For Zambrano, this counts as stone-faced.

As you can see from the litany of posts below, we had quite the time at the Pub Crawl. It was amazing. You were amazing. We were ... drunk. The Cubs, on the other hand, just played like a bunch of drunks. We weren't quite good enough to split the series with the Phils. Then, inexplicably, we came out swinging against the Brewers and took 3 out of 4. This, and the Yankees opener where Doug Davis played out of his mind, gave us hope. Then, we weren't quite good enough to win the series with the Yankees. That particular cycle can get kind of depressing, you know? But blood is in the air, our South Side friends have started acting more obnoxious than usual, and we're back on the beat.

Ozzie? Acting temperamental? Oh my stars!

And it was fun, wasn't it? Had the Sox come back after putting a couple on in the 9th, you might be in for an eighth consecutive day of no blogging. But a Cubs win over the Sox is invigorating, like a shot of Jameson and a pull from a fresh beer. There was a time - around when we started the blog - where I'd get the hate engine going for the Sox and their fans. And yes, I still hate that team, and I'm puzzled why any Chicagoan would choose to be a fan, but it's more fun now. Maybe because the stakes are lower. Maybe because I've grown to appreciate how the rivalry is often the only thing that can catch people's attention during a dismal year. Either way, Ozzie's going to talk shit about Wrigley, some Cubs player is going to give up a late-inning homer to lose a pivotal game, and I'm still going to enjoy it more than losing to the goddam Pirates again.

Does he even know who Frank Thomas and Mark Grace are, I wonder?

The most energizing part of last night? Zambrano. Sure, the Sox have been on quite a punchless streak. But going eight solid what not what I expected after that dogshit first inning. Each time Juan Pierre crosses the plate, a baby gets mumps from Jenny McCarthy's stupid goddam unvaccinated kid. Clearly none of us were expecting Carlos to be so ... reasonable about the whole thing. And dominant. Goddam dominant. 115 pitches to get through eight. I'll take that any day. Marmol scared the shit out of me in the 9th, but Marmol scares the shit out of me frequently, and a late lead with the tying run at the plate does it every time.

On the offensive end, I can't say enough about Starlin Castro holding down the top of the order. Frankly, Fuk, A-Ram, and Blake DeWitt (whyyyy?!??) all looked like shit. Castro not only hit his second dinger of the season, he also hit that rare and powerful 2-out RBI. Fuck, I love me a 2-out RBI. I remain hopeful that we'll get to Buerhle with a big inning like we did Floyd, but with Garza on the mound, I fear for tonight. But at least I'm feeling something. WOO! BASEBALL!