Weekend Recap: FenWay Out of Contention

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap: FenWay Out of Contention

. Monday, May 23, 2011

Too solemn an occasion for a 'balls in the face' joke.

Watching the Cubs play at Fenway was incredibly surreal. It was like watching Captain America walk into the Batcave. I am a huge nerd. I could have gone without the constant parade of facts and talk of "cursed" franchises. And I could have gone without watching useless John Grabow take all the potential out of Sunday's game. And yes, I could have gone without the franchise turning into a MASH unit. But hell, that was pretty fun. Especially Saturday, when we got to see the Red Sox turn into the Cubs for the entire 8th, and when both teams took the field in what appeared to be poor Korean knockoffs of their respective uniforms. All in all, more enjoyable than the previous weekend series we've managed to drop.

"The fuck is that, some kind of green monster?

The bad news coming in was that we were down our #4 and #5 starting pitchers and our starting catcher. The really bad news going out was that we added our #3 pitcher, our starting CF, and our utility guy. When it rains, it pours.

Bad as Sunday's result was, it was good to see James Russell not get absolutely lit up in a start for once. Considering how late Garza's scratch was, things could have turned really ugly really fast.

Instead, they waited to do so until John Grabow came in and did his usual "I'm a horrible pitcher who gets paid $4.5 million" schtick. Think about that. Grabow - who costs $4.5 million and who I'm assuming Hendry chose over the much more useful Gorezelanny - was outperformed over the weekend by Justin Berg, and by everyone who isn't named Samardzija or Doug fucking Davis. Hell, even Scott Maine managed to right the ship on Sunday night.

The Ronnie, Fenway Weekend - Reed Johnson

He didn't hit Tim Wakefield any better than the rest of the crew, but he showed up big after we lost Byrd to a face-seeking missile. His double to left in the 8th on Saturday was exactly the kind of hitting we haven't been able to get all year when men poised to score.

He also looks the most at home of anyone when it's throwback uniform day. That's a trait I respect.

The LaTroy - John Grabow

I hate that I know a game is probably a lost cause when he comes in from the pen. I hate the way he pitches. I hate that no one seems to care that Jim Hendry gave him $4.5 million while cutting lose a capable starter who is getting paid half that. I hate that his aggressive awfulness is making my memories of Will Ohman, Neal Cotts, and Bobby Howry just a little bit fuzzier.