Cubs 5 - Dodgers 1: Sweet Throwbacks, Sweet Game

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cubs 5 - Dodgers 1: Sweet Throwbacks, Sweet Game

. Thursday, May 5, 2011

"No, Zambrano! It's supposed to be a metaphor. A METAPHORRRRRR!"

And that's how Tony Gwynn III was created. Now you know ... the REST of the story.

Things went so well yesterday that I was suspicious up until the bottom of the 8th that we were in for a collapse. Zambrano was humming like the pitcher he's paid to be, Pena and Byrd face-punched the Dodgers into submission, and it was a great day to roll the windows down and listen to Pat and Kieth on WGN.

Ted Lilly, doing his best Greg Maddux face.

After rocking the sweet throwback unis, the Cubs went ahead and decided they should also rock former teammate Ted Lilly. It was a sad sight to see him laboring in the 6th while the bullpen frantically tried to warm up any arm not attached to Jonathan Broxton. Had it not been for a hilariously ill-advised Aramis Ramirez steal that led to a pickoff and tag at second, we could have seen our beloved former hurler ignominiously lifted from the game to the boos of the smattering of Dodger fans present. As it was, giving up three home runs (more than doubling his total on the year) couldn't have felt great.

In a way, I'm sort of glad we don't have Lilly anymore. He left on a good note, and remains a soft spot in the hearts of most Cub fans I know. To see him on this rebuilding team rocking that Samardaija-ian WHIP of his might just be too much. Sure, I'd love him at the moment with Cashner and Wells shelved, but at least we got a good exit out of him.

As for our own pitching corps, Dempster's start on Tuesday gave us a flicker of hope. But the fact still remains that we NEED Wells and Cashner back. We're basically giving away every game where we put James Russell on the mound, and the sad part is there's not really a better option hanging around. Casey Coleman is marginally less terrible, but that's about all we've got. What, you want Thomas Diamond? Or Samardzija? Unless one of these options stops being useless as a starter, we're still shit out of luck until late May. Our two broken starters aren't even rehabbing at Mesa yet.

But hey, the weather's getting better, our offense is getting better, and it's Garza v. Volquez tomorrow. I'm excited. Go Cubs go!