Cubs 11 - Mets 1: MONTANEZ!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cubs 11 - Mets 1: MONTANEZ!

. Wednesday, May 25, 2011


2011 has been, to put it lightly, not a super-easy year to be a fan of the Cubs. We tend to not hit when men are on base, and to throw out starters who act like a pitching machine. Sometimes I wish the Cubs could play the Cubs and be the beneficiary of those infuriating gaffes. As it turns out, we're in a 3-game series with such a team. I'm usually really happy to not be a Mets fan in the first place, but their issues of late give me a whole new set of reasons.

I can almost hear the Mets fans going "OH, COME ON!" Welcome to the club.

I'd say last night was a parade of offense, except Luis Montanez (former third overall pick turned career minor leaguer) hit the shit out of the ball. When that happens, I lean a little closer to giving credit to Mets pitching. Castro looked good, Barney again contributed, and everyone not pitching or named Carlos Pena contributed to the offense. After Zambrano's 2-RBI pinch hit, I'm fairly convinced he should be playing first base on his off days.

I think Ryan Dempster reads this blog, as he appears to have taken our expert advice to stop pitching like an asshole. Ever since the shitfit-filled April slate of games, Dempster has looked damn good. The one game where he gave up more than 2 runs in May was one we still ended up winning. He's managed to look good not only against shit teams like the Dodgers and Mets, but also the Giants and Reds. With everyone and their brother on the DL, it's exceptionally good timing.

The Mets committed 3 errors. Their starter was chased early. Their bullpen couldn't stop the bleeding. But the final insult? Jeff Samardzija chased the Mets with 3 strikeouts in the 9th. If I were a Mets fan? Ouch. But as a Cubs fan? More, please. If the weather allows.