Cubs 11 - Cardinals 4: YESSSSSSSSSSS

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cubs 11 - Cardinals 4: YESSSSSSSSSSS

. Thursday, May 12, 2011

A great time for our biggest winning margin of the year. These rain games are usually bad news - it's often hard to put the starting pitcher back in after an hour watching previously recorded Cubs material. Last night Garza managed to hit 96 on the gun after sitting for an hour. I may be up and down on the guy, but I'll always admit that it was a badass achievement for a pitcher. I'll also give credit to Quade for pulling his guy at the right time. Eighty-five pitches was plenty after the Cubs tagged that shit-ass Ryan Franklin for four runs to make a 6-1 game an 8-1 ass-stomping. Even Jeff Samardzija couldn't mess that one up, try though he did.

Cardinals fans love playing with dry cleaning bags. Darwin would approve.

Hell, I'll go ahead and say that this was the best game of the year. I loathe Ryan Franklin and his douchebag goatee - though I do love that he went off on those self-mythologizing Cards fans - and the line the Cubs put on him was just beautiful: 3 IP, 7H 4ER. Poetry.

All the hallmarks of a John-pleasing game were there - Fuk doing well in the leadoff spot, Starlin Castro with 3 runs and 3 RBIs, and a legitimate "how the fuck ..." moment when Koyie Hill managed a triple. The only starter who didn't end up with a hit last night was Matt Garza, and I imagine he's fine with that this morning. 17 hits altogether. Just lovely.

Today's matchup isn't as favorable - Casey Coleman (egggh) vs. Jaime Garcia (4-0, 1.99 ERA). But if we managed to pull a win out of our pinstriped butts, we'd manage a series win against our hated rival. That's always beautiful, and might distract me from the fact that we don't have a pitcher for Saturday's game against the World Series champions.