Weekend Recap: Bad Start(s)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Recap: Bad Start(s)

. Monday, April 25, 2011

The Wrigley organist really needs to learn the Charlie Brown music.

Between the weather, the still-small crowds, and the overall lack of competent play, the Cubs put on one hell of a crap weekend series. Ryan Dempster continued to look like hot garbage, Zambrano's weird winning streak halted emphatically, and it becomes clear how screwed we are in the rotation until Cashner and Wells come back. We're back under .500 and a game and a half back of first. Casey Coleman can't start, James Russell clearly can't start, and I'm starting to suspect that Ryan Dempster can't start. Worse still, we're pinning hope on Cashner and Wells to radically improve the rotation. Oh my.

The Ronnie Award - Easter weekend

A tie between Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney.

This combination - one I like to call StarBar - combined for six RBIs in the team's only win over the weekend. It's too bad they had to victimize the shit out of WAIW favorite former Cub Theodore Roosevelt Lilly. Hell, Lilly made Dempster look like a respectable starting pitcher, and that's quite the feat these days.

They're both hitting well over .300 for the moment, and more important saw a hell of a lot of pitches. If they can manage to keep up production while staying patient, we might have an offense once the rest of the team decides to pull its head out of its ass.

The LaTroy

Ryan Dempster.

It can be denied no longer - Ryan Dempster has aged into crappiness. We got used to a solid, dependable pitcher who didn't freak out like Zambrano or necessitate long spells on the DL. He won 15 games last year on a substantially crappy team. He started Opening Day. Not that I'd term him such, but he had many of the qualities one finds in a staff ace. Not so much in 2011.

His best performance so far was only giving up four earned runs (5 total) in the loss to Arizona. His next outing, he threw 21 more pitches and only one more strike. Weirdly enough, that was his only win. And it remained the only W after Saturday's 9 hit, 7 run 5 2/3. Add in the three homers surrendered over the weekend, and he's already given up 8 homers over five starts.

I blame his Canadian-ness. He's all distracted over the NHL playoffs.


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