Weekend Recap: Back Under .500

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap: Back Under .500

. Monday, April 11, 2011

Well, that was fairly painful. All my worrying about facing Yovanni Gallardo, and it turns out that it's Chris Navreson who is indeed the destroyer of worlds. Either that or our offense is pretty damn bad. I'm going with the second one. A pretty enjoyable win on Friday - with power-hitting hero Jeff Baker, of all poeple - followed by an absolute bomb of a Saturday and a painful Sunday (why, Woody? Whyyyyy?) that included Woody taking the loss and Marlon Byrd making one of the stupidest decisions to steal that I've ever seen.

To be fair, I quite enjoyed Friday's win. A solid (if not super) performance by Zambrano, solid holds by Marshall and Woody, and a death-defying heart attack of a Marmol save. This is the way things are supposed to work, right?

The Ronnie: Jeff Baker

Might be a rare award for the man - even after a great Friday, he still got replaced on Sunday by Darwin Barney. A great 3-run homer to bring us back from 0-2 behind was one of the few high points over the weekend. Weirdly enough, he currently leads the team in batting average at .421. Honestly, if I told you that between Jeff Baker and Tyler Colvin, one of them would be hitting in the .130s, I don't think you'd have picked correctly. Speaking of that...

The LaTroy: Matt Garza/Tyler Colvin (tie)

Early 2011 Matt Garza reminds me greatly of the more regrettable Rich Harden performances of the past. He'll strike out a ton of guys, but spend the time in between Ks giving up solid hits to the outfield wall. He's got 20 strikeouts on the year and an equal number of hits given up, along with 8 runs (all earned). That's a 5.68 ERA for which we cleaned out the minor league system in a rebuilding year. But please, Mr. Ricketts, be sure to keep Jim Hendry around.

The other problem Saturday was the non-presence of any semblance of offense. You can blame that on just about everyone, but I'm going to go ahead and say that Tyler Colvin typifies the problems we've been having generating runs this year. He's a possibly-overmatched guy who management expected to take a big step forward this year. Hasn't happened yet. He only managed one hit over the weekend, and was replaced on Saturday by Reed Johnson, who has clearly passed his "best by" date. Let's see if Colvin can pass a .250 line before his bobblehead day next week.