Off-Day Diversions

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Off-Day Diversions

. Thursday, April 7, 2011

I miss baseball already. Here's some tangentially-related stuff to ease your mind-grapes.

- So you've seen the gloat-y local news items, and you've heard me talk about how easy it is to get a ticket. But here's proof positive, a screen shot left over from my browsings Monday.

- As Steve's mother pointed out in yesterday's comment section, Tuesday trip to the bird-riddled upper deck was indeed an opportunity to enhance my collection of bobbleheads. This year, the Cubs are doing homegrown prospects in their minor league unis. I think that's a pretty bitchin' idea, even if our minor league has been precariously thin lately. Tuesday's promotion was the one I really wanted, as it features not only Starlin Castro, but the Tennessee Smokies uniform. Having attended college at the University of Tennessee, I actually used to go to the same bar as a lot of the Smokies players of the era. Good guys. Terrible at pool. So this was a winning promotion for yours truly. For Castro? I imagine he'd wish they made him a bit less cross-eyed. Take a gander.

- I'm not quite sure if Dempster's early crappiness worries me more or less than the loss of Wells for a spell and Cashner for a good while. I get that it's our own fault for placing so much on a 33-year old converted closer. Hell, Baseball Reference lists his most similar pitching match as Chan Ho Park. I'm still reminded of this classic example of Dempster (as closer) vitriol: the Dempster Fallout Map, created by Jake from Thunder Matt's Saloon, lately of Terrible Cubs Fan. Awesome.

- Next up is a series against the Brewers. I'm not going to lie, things could get ugly. We're not going to see Greinke, but we are scheduled to see Gallardo, who smoked the Braves. Our pitcher for Sunday's game? TBD. Fun stuff.