Get Ready for some hot Thomas Diamond Action

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get Ready for some hot Thomas Diamond Action

. Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eesh. Remember that whole "bad with the good thing" from my game recap? Well we'd best have something good coming down the pipeline, because we're going to be missing both our 4 and 5 starters for a good few weeks. This is clearly the work of the vengeful Horse-Head. So who do we have lying around to pick up the slack? Provided that we don't end up giving Marshall a spot (which has proven time and again to be a really bad idea), we're looking at the following, and making up nicknames for all of them:

"Anonymous" Thomas Diamond - 3 games started in 2010: 13.0 IP, 17H, 12R, 10BB, 1.759 WHIP (!)8.31 ERA.

Well, shitsnacks. Opponents hit .347 (!!) against him and got on-base at a rate of .444 (!!!). But don't worry, guys. Considering how pitchers rehab, it'll only be for 3-4 weeks. I'm going to slam my hand in a drawer now.

James "The Love Muscle" Russell - Never has started for us, but threw 49 innings in last year's lost cause and managed to keep the ERA under 5. I thought he looked good yesterday, but that was in relief of Samardzija and Mateo. I imagine he'll get a shot here soon, as we don't want to take Marshall out of the pen and leave Grabow as the only lefty.

Casey "Moleman" Coleman - 8 games started in 2010: 57.0 IP, 56H, 27R, 25BB, 1.421 WHIP, 4.11 ERA.

Decent numbers last year, but that low(ish) ERA seems like a fluke considering the number of hits and walks he gives up. Hell, he's not even terribly impressive in Iowa, though he does keep the number of baserunners down. I'd still rather see him over Diamond any day.


(runs away crying)