Crimes Against Commerce:'s Hat Sale

Friday, April 22, 2011

Crimes Against Commerce:'s Hat Sale

. Friday, April 22, 2011

As someone who has ordered a bunch of tickets from the team in the past, I was bound to get on the e-mail advertising list. It's not usually great deals on offer (especially for tickets, especially with the secondary market this year) but it happens, and if it really bothered me, I'd unsubscribe. Hell, occasionally I'll check out what they're selling. This very morning, for instance. There's a sale on Cubs hats just for today, pictured above. I decided to check out whether there was anything that caught my eye and also came in "giant-ass head" size. Nothing really caught my eye. And when something finally did, it was for the wrong reason. Observe:

I scrolled through the rest of the site to see if they were selling a bunch of team's caps. Maybe a vintage Expos number, or a Nationals hat with that wacky Walgreen's W on it. Nope. Just 136 Cubs hats and 1 White Sox hat. Now you might say "Eh, it's just one." But this is a slippery slope, my friends. Soon it's 2-3 Sox hats, maybe a Cardinals tank top. Soon, we're selling Ryan Braun's Douchetees (TM) and those stickers of Calvin peeing on a Chevy logo. Band with us to end this menace, brave folk, before it's too late.