Astros 11 - Cubs 2: Well, That Didn't Work

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Astros 11 - Cubs 2: Well, That Didn't Work

. Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Darwin Barney was tragically sucked into James Russell's implosion.

"The. Cubs. Are. Awful."

- Steve, 7:31 pm

Yeah, it was that kind of night. Our lack of starting pitching didn't get any better, and it's looking like Samardzija's eventually going to get some starts out of Russell's faceplant.

It's weird, because if I told you that Tyler Colvin finally snapped out of it and had a good game at the plate (with a homer!), Starlin Castro went 2-5 in the leadoff spot, and Marlon Byrd hit 3-3, you might imagine we did okay. We did not, in fact, do okay. Russell's collapse led to 3 innings of Samardzija, which led to a pretty good Jeff Stevens inning and a third and Marcos Mateo Striking out the side. Then it was one long John Grabow suckfest for the 8th - 5 hits and 4 runs (3 earned) - while Quade just left him out there to stew in his own awfulness.

Why, WHY?!? are we paying John Grabow guy FOUR POINT EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS to pitch like this? He's possibly the worst pitcher in a pen that has Jeff Samardzija in it. It's horrific. Even my most-hated bullpen memory - Bobby Howry - didn't infuriate me so much with completely undeserved salary. I would also like to point out that Tom Gorzelanny - who we could really use right about now - could have been paid both his 2010 ($800K) and 2011 ($2.1M) salaries out of what we pay shitass Grabow, with almost two million to spare. Why does Jim Hendry still have a job?


Scott Kushner said...

Suck it! Go Stros. The battle for last place is at a fevered pitch. - Kushner

John said...

Indeed, sir. Gonna be a slapfight to the bitter end.

Elaine Petricca said...

when you have to write about Samardzija so many times, do you just copy and paste the word Samardzija or do you take the time to spell Samardzija out every time?

John said...

It used to be copy/paste, but now, sadly, I can spell his name by memory alone. It's weirdly depressing.